White/Silver toothbrush

Sleek and sophisticated silver meets our classic ceramic design with understated elegance.

$ 1550
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Our toothbrushes use the materials and processes employed in high quality timepieces, creating a finished product with finesse and a distinctive style. Our ceramic products have an organic, unique appearance, with a high-gloss finish and true white colour. Metal parts are produced in the U.K. using 316L Stainless Steel and covered with the durable PVD treatment. Apriori products are exclusively assembled by hand in the U.K.

Each toothbrush comes with its own elegantly designed toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium, and one soft, ensuring you can choose exactly the right one for you. Made of the same material as your toothbrush handle, the holder is the perfect accessory – and its anti-slip rubber base ensures it stays it place. If you're travelling, the unified aesthetic of our products comes into its own – an exceptionally designed travel case enables you to take your Apriori product with you wherever you are in the world.

Apriori Toothbrush


Our dental care range is the result of three years of rigorous research; a painstaking process that involved teams of experts who created and refined our designs, searched high and low for very best materials and then developed our products to the highest standards.
Each toothbrush carries a one-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.

Apriori Toothbrush
Apriori Toothbrush

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